Snowmobiling in the North Woods of Wisconsin

Ted owns two Polaris snowmobiles and rides them up in the North Woods of Wisconsin near his vacation property on Little St. Germain Lake.  There are extensive trails throughout the North Woods and numerous lakes.  The trails make for fantastic rides through the "twisties".  One of his most favorite activities is going fast across the lakes.  After a few warm up runs to be sure there are no significant ice bumps, he has gotten his Polaris Fusion 900 up to 105mph.  He was clocked on radar at 97mph in February of 2008 on the 1/8th mile drag strip on the lake at Bent's Camp. The day concluded with a "bikini run".

Ted Cahall and his Polaris Fusion 900 Snowmobile
2005 Polaris Fusion 900
Ted Cahall's Polaris Indy Triumph 600
2000 Polaris Indy Triumph (600cc)

Here is a shot from Bent's Camp of two brave bikini clad snowmobilers.   Ted is the guy with the blue jacket and white cap standing just past the windshield.  Only in Wisconsin would this be a sport!