Ted Cahall's Z06 Corvettes: 2001, 2006

Ted has owned three Corvettes in his life.  In Corvette lingo, he has owned a C4, a C5 and a C6.  Both the C5 and C6 are Z06 Corvettes.  He saw his first Corvette when he was three years old and noted the unusual styling as compared to his mom's station wagon. He asked his friend, Danny Daley, what it was (Danny was old enough to read). He said, "a Corvette Stingray".  Ted told himself (at three years old) that when he grew up he was going to own one of them.  He never lost that feeling until the day he bought his first C4 Corvette in 1995.

Ted still currently owns the 2001 C5 and 2006 C6 Z06 Corvettes. He used to drive the 2001 C5 Z06 in driver instruction events (PDX, HPDE) as often as possible. All track related events are now relegated to his Spec Miata race car and the MARRRS series in the SCCA. You can read some of his background and history with the SCCA and racing in the about section of his racing blog.  In 2008, Ted took his 2006 C6 Z06 Corvette to the Cecil County Dragway "test-and-tune" and ran a 12.25 second quarter mile at 120MPH.  Occasionally he blogs about his racing excursions. 

Below are links to information on his Z06 Corvettes.

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