MARRS 9 and 10 Labor Day, New Personal Best Lap

Ted Cahall participated in the SCCA MARRS 9 and 10 races on Labor Day weekend. Ted's fastest lap times on Saturday and Sunday were similar to his best times at MARRS 4, 5, and 7.  The Saturday morning qualifier session produced a 1:35.510, the Sunday race produced a 1:35.721.  The main 20 lap race on Monday was a different story.   Up to that point, Ted's fastest lap ever was a mid 1:33.  Ted was faster than that on 11 of the 19 laps and broke the 1:33 barrier on 7 of those laps.  His fastest lap was a 1:32.260.

Monday's fastest lap was Ted Cahall's fastest recorded time on the Summit Point "Main" Course ever.  The photo below is out on the grid before the Sunday race with the "Umbrella Lady".  It was hot, so the Nomex suit was not zippered until he got in the car.


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