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Ted Cahall manages his photo albums with Webshots.   Years ago while at CNET, Ted helped rebuild the Webshots platform after CNET bought the company.  Since AOL exited the photos business, this was the next best choice for his albums.  Webshots is now owned by American Greetings.

2009 Events
In 2009 Ted Cahall attended a number of racing, motorcycling and other special events. The year started off with some snowmobiling followed by some racing events.  First Ted attended the two day SCCA Driving School.  He followed that with a quick warm up with the SCCA PDX and the SCCA Club Trials the day after.  In April Ted completed his first official SCCA sanctioned MARRS race.

Ted was also lucky enough to be able to participate in a tour of the USS Truman while it was at sea in the Atlantic Ocean.  Aside from the stock Navy photographs of the USS Truman, Ted took some amazing pictures with is own camera of jets taking off and landing on the Truman.  The Navy was also kind enough to take photos of Ted and the other participants while they were on board.

In early May, Ted joined a number of co-workers and rode his new Harley-Davidson Road Glide down to Myrtle Beach for Bike Week.  It was a great ride down and back.

In mid-May, Ted Cahall joined the team at "World Class Driving", and had the pleasure of driving five exotic sports cars including an: Audi R8, Callaway C16 Corvette, Lamborghini LP 560, Ford GT, and Alfa-Romeo 8C.  Later that same weekend, he participated in Rolling Thunder and rode down to the capital with thousands of other Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts.

On May 30 and 31 Ted participated in MARSS4.

Ted plans on attending a number of other racing events in 2009 so check back here occasionally to see Ted Cahall's latest albums on Webshots.

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