2011 Racing Season Archive

Ted Cahall wins MARRS 4 STU in 2011 SCCA National Championships Logo Ted Cahall and his MX-5 Cup Car

Cahall Racing Concludes the 2011 Race Season

December 22nd, 2011
- The 2011 Season for Cahall Racing had its highs and lows as youngest brother Bob Cahall joined the team and gained both his regional and national racing license in his first year of racing. Larry Cahall also participated in his first National race and earned points for a top 9 finish. Ted ran in both the National and MARRS regional series. He had a good first half of the year after recovering from running out of gas in the first MARRS feature race but struggled in the second half of the year after totaling his car in the MARRS 7 feature race on Labor Day weekend. All in all, Ted finished 10th in the raw MARRS points and 11th in net points, slightly worse than his finish in the 2010 MARRS season. Simply having not run out of gas or not totaling his car would have bettered his finish for 2011. Ted won the overall MARRS championship for the much lower participation (and competition) STU class. Ted also finished 21st in the SCCA National Championship Runoffs in 2011 which was better then his 2010 finish. He qualified by points for both the SM and STU class for the National Championships but did not race in STU due to car issues.

MARRS 9 Regional Race @ Summit Point, WV

Summit Point, WV, October 9, 2011
- Ted Cahall leading Beth Chryst in MARRS 9 STU Larry and Ted Cahall participated in the final MARRS race of the season in both the SM and STU classes with Larry driving STU in the new MX-5 Cup Car recently acquired from the Playboy Cup series. (more...)

2011 SCCA National Championships

Elkhart Lake, WI, Sept 25, 2011
- Ted Cahall's Sheetz version #77 at SCCA Runoffs in 2011 Ted Cahall joined Mike Collins of the Meathead Racing team in the SCCA National Championship Runoffs. Ted's car had both engine problems and a suspension problem which hampered both practice and the race. The heads were replaced twice and the suspension problem remained undiagnosed until after the race was completed. Ted finished in 21st position for the race. (more...)

MARRS 7/8 Labor Day Double Regional Race

Summit Point, WV, Sept 5th, 2011
- Ted Cahall's Totaled SM Miata at MARRS 7, 2011 The Cahall brothers (Ted and Larry) raced in the Labor Day Double MARRS race. Ted raced in both the SM and STU classes. In the MARRS 7 feature race, Ted collided with John Marlar in turn 10 and totaled his car - resulting in a 33rd place finish - his worst ever (even worse than when he ran out of gas in MARRS 1). He raced his back-up car in the qualifying race and feature race for MARRS 8 and fared well below his normal showing. (more...)

MARRS 6 Regional Race @ NJMP

Millville, NJ, August 21, 2011
- Ted Cahall wins STU at NJMP August 2011 Ted and Larry Cahall traveled to Millville, NJ to participate in "Summer Thunder", a race co-sponsored by the MARRS, NARRC, and NJRRS racing championships. Many of the Meathead Racing teammates made it out to this "away" race. In SM, Ted qualified 9th, finished 11th in the qualifying race, and finished 13th in the feature race - out of 43 cars. Ted also finished first in the STU class with his MX-5 Cup Car. Larry has a good set of races for his first time at the track. (more...)

Poconos "Double" National Race

Long Pond, PA, August 14, 2011
- Pocono Raceway Entrance August 2011 Ted and brother Larry Cahall took a road trip to the beautiful Poconos region of eastern Pennsylvania. It was the first time for either of them to race in an SCCA National event at Pocono Raceway. Ted drove his new MX-5 Cup Car in the first STU race despite several mechanical failures and adventures in the car. (more...)

BeaveRun National Race

Wampum, PA, July 31, 2011
- Ted Cahall at BeaveRun in 2011 Ted Cahall participated in the 2011 BeaveRun National race. This race was important as Ted needed it to secure his final required point to race in the 2011 SCCA National Championship Runoffs. Ted was successful in his quest and earned 8 National Points for finishing 4th! This was Ted's best National finishing position ever. Video of Ted's fastest lap at BeaveRun included. (more...)

MARRS 5 - Regional Race

Summit Point, WV, July 10, 2011
- Ted Cahall at MARRS 5, 2011 The Cahall brothers participated in the 5th regional MARRS race of 2011. Ted finished in 7th place in the qualifying race and 8th place in the feature race. These were his best MARRS finishes ever. Larry and Bob Cahall diced with each other another weekend with Larry coming out ahead in both the qualifying and feature races. So far Bob has not been able to finish ahead of Larry this year. (more...)

Nelson Ledges National Race

Garrettsville, OH, July 3, 2011
- Cahall Brothers at Nelson Ledges Larry, Bob and Ted Cahall participated in their first SCCA National race together at the Nelson Ledges race track. Ted set a new personal fastest lap for Nelson Ledges in qualifying. He then finished in 6th place and received 10 of the 11 remaining National points required for him to attend the SCCA National Championships in September. Larry finished 9th and received 4 National Points in the first National race of his life. It was a great way for the Cahall brothers to spend the 4th of July weekend. (more...)

MARRS 4 - Regional Race

Summit Point, WV, June 12, 2011
- Ted Cahall wins MARRS 4 STU in 2011 The three Cahall brothers participated in MARRS 4 at Summit Point on June 11th and 12th. Ted and Bob ran in both the STU and SM classes. Ted won both the qualifying and feature races for STU! Bob also came in 3rd (of 4) in the STU race. Ted finished 9th in the SM qualifying race but fell to 13th in the SM feature race. Larry had his best MARRS finish ever. Video of Ted launching his car over the berm in turn 5 included! (more...)

New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) National Race

Millville, NJ, June 5, 2011
- Ted Cahall, Mike Collins, Neil ORourke at NJMP Nationals 2011 Ted Cahall participated in the South Jersey Region (SJR) National at NJMP on June 4th and 5th with Mike Collins and Neil O'Rourke. With a little help from his teammates, Ted earned his first SM National points and set a new personal fastest lap for Thunderbolt. He now has half the points required to run in the National Championship Run-offs. (more...)

Summit Point National Race

Summit Point, WV, May 22, 2011
- Ted Cahall races in Summit Point National Ted and Bob Cahall participated in the Summit Point National (and restricted Regional) on May 21st and 22nd. Ted had an excellent qualifying time of 1:28.222 and started in 4th place for SM. Unfortunately, it rained heavily during the race and Ted was only able to finish 10th - just outside the National points cut-off. Bob gained his National Competition license by completing his 6th regional race of his rookie year by racing in the restricted Regional SSM class. (more...)

MARRS 2 and 3 - Regional Races at VIR

Alton, VA, May 8, 2011
- Ted Cahall and Nick Bruni at MARRS 2 2011 The Cahall brothers enjoyed the double set of regional MARRS 2 and 3 races at the Virginia International Raceway (VIR) in Alton, VA on May 7th and 8th. This set of races was the first trip for the motor home and the stacker trailer. It was a great adventure with all three brothers flying into different airports to make the event. (more...)

MARRS 1 - Regional Race at Summit Point, WV

Summit Point, WV, April 17, 2011
- Larry, Bob and Ted Cahall races in MARRS 1 at Summit Point Larry, Ted and Bob Cahall attended MARRS 1, the first regional race of the year. This was a significant event since it was the first time all three Cahall brothers were ever on a track at the same time. As expected for the qualifying race, the finishing order was by most years of experience racing: Ted, Larry, and then Bob. Ted had a tenth place finish to start the year strong. The feature race unfortunately did not end in that order. While running in 7th or 8th place, Ted's car ran out of gas! Unfortunately the pit crew had mistaken Ted's new car for his old car (in which the gas gauge was accurate). Ted ran more than half of the laps and still got a few points for a completed race. This resdulted in a 29th place finish - ahead of only three racers that did not make enough laps or were disqualified. Really tough way to start the 2011 points race! (more...)

Bob Cahall Attends Driving School, Earns Novice Permit

Summit Point, WV, March 20, 2011
- Bob Cahall upside down during Spring Drivers School Bob Cahall joined the world of SCCA Club Racing when he attended drivers school in Summit Point, WV. Bob had a bit of adventure (note photo to left) but obtained his novice permit and will be racing with his brothers in the Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series (MARRS) in 2011. (more...)

Central Florida Region Double National Race at Sebring

Sebring, FL, January 9, 2011
- Ted Cahall races in Sebring National On January 7-9, Ted Cahall traveled to Sebring International Raceway in Florida to compete in the Central Florida Region Double National. Ted raced in both the SM and STU classes on Saturday and had his best finish in a National Race on Sunday. (more...)